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Eyelash Extensions Price on Video

Eyelash Extensions 

Premium Full  set $85 

11years anniversary

Premium Full set $85

Velvet Mink $95

Velvet Mink Cat's eye $95

Doll eye Velvet  $95

Double 2D $110

Hybrid $120

Doll eye/Cat's eye same price

Hybrid Wispy add $10

Full 3D $140

Full 3D Wispy add $10

Full 4D5D $150

Doll eye/Cat's eye/Wispy same price

Party look $185 

Doll eye/Cat's eye/Wispy same price

Bottom lash $35 with any sets

Flare lash $65

Patch test  available

Removal $30

Removal with full set $20

LED no glue lash add $40 with any sets/ test $35

Lash lift/ Lash perm

Elleebana lash lift $70

Elleebana lash lift tint $85

Elleebana bottom lash perm $70

Refills/Infills prices on the movie as above

Brows / Brow lamination 

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